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Symptoms and treatment of urethral polyp


Symptoms and treatment of urethral polyp

Symptoms and treatment of urethral polyp

The surface of the urethral polyp is smooth, it has a soft consistency and is relatively easily injured with the formation of urethrorrhagia (discharge of blood from the urethra). The tumor consists mainly of fibrous connective tissue. The formation is characterized by progressive growth, which over time leads to obstruction (blockage) of the urethra.

Splashing urine
Difficulty urinating
Discomfort in the urethra


Diagnosis is based on clinical presentation, examination, and cystoscopy. Differential diagnosis is carried out with diseases such as urethral carbuncle, prolapse of the urethral mucosa, urethral prolapse (prolapse of all layers of the urethra), urethral papilloma.

Given the pathogenesis of the disease, it is necessary to carry out laboratory diagnostics: seeding a smear from the urethra (bacteriological examination), PCR diagnostics of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), microscopy of a smear from the urethra.


Treatment of a polyp in the urethra is surgical. In cases where the formation is in the area of ​​the external opening of the urethra, electrocoagulation or cryodestruction is performed. When the tumor is located in the higher parts of the urethra, transurethral removal is performed using a urethroscope.

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