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Ligation of the spermatic cord (vasectomy)


Ligation of the spermatic cord (vasectomy)

Ligation of the spermatic cord (vasectomy)

Vasoresection (vasectomy, male sterilization) - ligation of the spermatic cord in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Vasoresection serves as a reliable method of contraception, without being a complex surgical intervention. Male sterilization surgery can be performed by any operating urologist-andrologist. The use of microsurgical techniques (without the use of a scalpel) allows to avoid gross cicatricial processes in the postoperative period at the site of surgery and, if such a need arises in the future, to restore the integrity of the vas deferens by forming a vasoanastomosis.

Male sterilization operation progress:

This surgery usually does not require general / spinal anesthesia. After treatment of the operating field with a disinfectant solution, a local layer-by-layer (skin, subcutaneous tissue, fascia, muscle tissue) infiltration anesthesia is performed. Access to the spermatic cord (in the place of its anatomical projection onto the skin) can be performed using a scalpel or using a modern microsurgical method. After isolation, the spermatic cord is transected and alloyed (ligated) in both the distal and proximal portions. The stumps of the crossed cord plunge back. If necessary, a cosmetic suture is applied to the skin. Similar manipulations are performed on the other side.

In the postoperative period there may be:

- bloody coloration of the ejaculate;
- scrotal hematoma;
- inflammatory process;
- swelling of the scrotum;
- soreness at the site of surgery;
- hydrocele;
- granuloma.

If any disturbing symptoms appear after the operation, it is necessary to contact the urologist-andrologist who performed the vasoresection.
After vasoresection, remember:
- male sterilization operation does not require inpatient observation, therefore, immediately after the operation, the patient goes home;
- it is necessary to limit physical activity for 7 days after vasoresection;
- the final cleansing of the ejaculate from sperm will occur only after 3 months,
- within 3 months after vasoresection, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy, it is necessary to use barrier methods of contraception

Male sterilization surgery does not affect any male functions, except fertility (the ability to have children of your own). After vasoresection, libido, erection, ejaculate eruption are fully preserved
Before deciding on the need for male sterilization, the patient must necessarily undergo a consultation with an urologist-andrologist to resolve a number of ethical issues related to fertility in the future.

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