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Consultation and diagnostics, treatment of anus itching


Consultation and diagnostics, treatment of anus itching

Consultation and diagnostics, treatment of anus itching

Itching in the anus is often not a separate symptom, but a completely independent disease with an identical name. In this case, it is considered primary and idiopathic, that is, it does not have obvious reasons for its occurrence. However, itching in the anus can be secondary, that is, it can be a symptom of any disease.
A person suffering from severe itching in the anus changes their usual way of life, they have problems with sleep disturbance. If you do not pay enough attention to this problem, this can lead to scratching or the appearance of anal fissures, through which infection can occur. The consequences of especially advanced cases can be very serious. Perhaps the formation of ulcers, the opening of bleeding, as well as the transition of the disease into a chronic form.
Idiopathic anal itching also appears on the background of neuroses. In this case, injection treatment methods help to eliminate the burning sensation in the anus,
aimed at blocking nerve endings with the help of chemicals. An operation can also be performed if necessary.

- acute - characterized by pronounced symptoms, the appearance of edema and irritation in the anus, sometimes bleeding. Often, signs appear abruptly;
- chronic - in this case, the discomfort increases gradually. If itching persists for a long time, it can lead to tissue infection in the anal area. And this is fraught with the occurrence of inflammatory processes that can cover the rectum and spread further.

With any treatment of anal itching, it is necessary to perform hygienic measures: do not scratch the skin in the anal area, exclude hot baths and long washing in general. In this case, it is necessary to use a soap and shampoo that will not aggravate the itching. You should always make sure that the skin near the anus is dry. For this, it will not be superfluous to use soft gaskets, which should be changed regularly. The stool should also be regular. To alleviate the condition and speedy healing of cracks and scratches in the anus, the doctor may prescribe special suppositories and ointments.

In cases where it is necessary to conduct an examination of the rectum to detect inflammatory bowel diseases, colonoscopy, irrigoscopy or sigmoidoscopy are performed. Conducting a colonoscopy, unlike other examinations, allows you to identify inflammation of the mucous walls of the intestine along the entire length of the large intestine.
Another stage of the study for anal itching is a blood test for sugar content, as well as for the presence of metabolic disorders, which may be accompanied by itching.

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