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High-quality and modern Treatment of Bell's Palsy


High-quality and modern Treatment of Bell's Palsy

High-quality and modern Treatment of Bell's Palsy

High-quality and modern Treatment of Bell's Palsy in Tashkent by the most experienced neurologists of Uzbekistan in the multidisciplinary clinic Gatling Med.

Bell's palsy or neuritis of the facial nerve (named after Charles Bell, a Scottish physiologist of the 19th century) is a unilateral lesion of one of the branches of the facial nerve (rarely both), which is inflammatory or ischemic in nature, and manifests itself in the form of paresis of facial facial muscles or unilateral paralysis. Treatment of neuritis largely depends on the etiology of the disease, in particular, it can be an infectious lesion of the nerve, herpetic infection, hypothermia.

Causes of the disease

There are several types of paralysis: primary and secondary.

The causes of the primary lesion are:

hypothermia (riding in transport at an open window, draft, prolonged exposure to a working air conditioner);

infections - most often a provocateur is a herpes virus infection. A blood test allows you to determine exactly which virus caused the inflammation of the facial nerve.

The causes of secondary damage can be:

a brain tumor;

head injury with fracture of the temporal bone;

hypertensive crises - more common in older people.

Paralysis Treatment

Measures to protect the eyes during sleep, massage of weakened muscles and a splint that prevents the lower part of the face from lowering are shown. A course of prednisolone starting with 60-80 mg daily for the first 5 days may be effective. In the next 5 days, the dose of the drug is gradually reduced. In some cases, surgical decompression of the facial nerve in its canal is recommended.

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