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Plexitis treatment


Plexitis treatment

Plexitis treatment

The peripheral nervous system is made up of a great many different nerve fibers that create nerves and nerve branches. Intertwining with each other, they form nerve plexuses. There are three large plexuses: cervical, brachial and lumbosacral. Plexuses serve many important functions: motor, sensory, trophic (tissue nutrition). The inflammatory lesion of these plexuses is called plexitis. The picture of the lesion consists of movement disorders, sensitivity disorders and autonomic disorders. With the development of this disease, pain gradually increases; pain worsens mainly at night and can also spread to the neck, elbow, shoulder blade, or leg. In addition to the listed symptoms, this disease is accompanied by a decrease in sensitivity in the area of ​​the affected plexus, swelling and cyanosis of the skin.

There are two stages in the development of plexitis. At the first or neurological stage of this disease, spontaneous pains appear in the area of ​​the affected plexus, intensifying during movement and not passing at rest, tingling, cold skin, lethargy or painful muscle tension in the affected area disturb. Cold, infection, compression of nerve fibers in fractures and injuries lead to edema of the fibers that form the nerve plexus, and to disruption of all their functions. If untreated, this disease enters the second stage: paresis and paralysis develop in the area innervated by the branches of the affected plexus. Also, in this area, sensitivity decreases, and trophic changes develop in the form of tissue edema and changes in skin color and turgor.

Treatment methods for plexitis depend on the stage of the disease and the nature of the course. In most cases, treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis, but inpatient treatment is not excluded. With traumatic plexitis, surgical intervention is required in order to eliminate the causes of compression of the nerve plexus. In cases where the cause of the development of this disease is an infection, special therapy is performed. In addition, medications are prescribed to alleviate the patient's condition. Physiotherapy procedures are also selected depending on the stage of the disease. All this can only be done by a qualified specialist. Self-medication is unacceptable. It should be noted that a special situation arises in patients forced to move with the help of crutches: the brachial plexuses suffer from the non-physiological load of the upper part of the crutch on the axillary regions, where the brachial plexuses are very close. Therefore, it is necessary to choose and use crutches very correctly and safely.

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