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Treatment of neurosis


Treatment of neurosis

Treatment of neurosis

Neurosis - not every person knows what exactly this word means. Neuroses is the general name for many functional (reversible) disorders of the nervous system that have psychogenic roots. Neuroses include various neuropsychiatric disorders that have a similar clinic and common mechanisms of origin. Disorders in the work of the vegetative-vascular system, compulsion, and dysthymia, and various phobias, and neurotic disorder of somatic origin are also possible. The most important thing when making a diagnosis of neurosis is to exclude the presence of psychiatric, neurological and somatic diseases, which are often very similar in their clinic to him. The conventional treatment for neuroses usually consists of drug therapy and psychotherapeutic courses.

To date, many studies have been carried out in the field of the causes of neuroses. But it was not possible to fully establish the true causes and mechanism of development of neuroses. Previously, neurosis was considered the lot of people who experience strong intellectual stress and lead too hectic lives. This was explained by the fact that the rural population is much less likely to experience cases of neuroses, since their life is more measured and calm. But after conducting research among air traffic controllers, these hypotheses were refuted.

The treatment of any type of neurosis is based on the patient getting rid of the negative influence of the traumatic factor. To do this, it is necessary either to remove a negative situation (which is sometimes impossible to do), or to change a person's attitude towards it in such a way that he ceases to perceive it as traumatic. That is why the main role in the treatment of neuroses is assigned to psychotherapy. But to achieve a positive effect, treatment must be comprehensive, i.e. include both psychotherapy sessions and taking the necessary medications.

For the treatment of neuroses, I use various methods of psychotherapy. This can be psychocorrection, art therapy, cognitive training, or cognitive behavioral therapy. Relaxation has a positive effect on the patient. In some cases, hypnosis can be applied to the patient. The neurotransmitter nature of the onset of neurosis is a fundamental factor for drug treatment. It usually has ancillary functions that help the patient to better control himself and reinforce the effect of psychotherapy. For more severe disorders, benzodiazepine tranquilizers such as clonazepam or alprazolam.

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