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Myalgia treatment


Myalgia treatment

Myalgia treatment

Myalgia is a symptom that manifests itself as muscle pain. This is how the name of this pathology is translated from Latin. Muscle pain can have various origins, but is most often assessed as aching or acquiring a pressing character. In some sources, you can find a mention of myalgia as one of the types of myositis, however, ICD-10 separates these diseases. Myalgia in this classification is indicated in item M79.1, while item M60 and its subsections are allocated to myositis.

The most common causes of myalgia are injuries and overstrain (disproportionately strong loads, improper training regime for athletes, etc.). But other factors can also cause muscle pain: pathologies of the spine, arthritis, sciatica, stress. Often, myalgia is provoked by infectious and viral diseases, such as influenza or ARVI. Primary fibromyalgia is more common in women, especially with depression. Secondary fibromyalgia is a more "masculine" diagnosis and is usually the result of injury or physical strain. Muscle pain is usually aching in nature and may worsen with muscle tension. At the same time, myalgia may be accompanied by headache, nausea, fever (local or complete), joint tension, and swelling.


Treatment for myalgia boils down to treating the disease that caused the muscle pain. So, in case of "cold" myalgia, antipyretic drugs usually cope with pain. If the cause is stress - after taking sedatives, muscle pain also disappears. Complex treatment is optimal. This is especially true in cases where the apparent cause of the pain could not be established or the myalgia was provoked by overstrain. In such situations, therapy is aimed at eliminating the symptoms. The treatment is based on the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and courses of therapeutic massage.

If you experience muscle pain quite often, you should pay attention to a sports regimen. It may be worth paying more attention to strengthening your back and neck muscles. You also need to rethink your diet. Muscle pain in athletes can be the result of poor nutrition, which means that it is necessary to coordinate your diet with a trainer and a dietitian.

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