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Diagnosis and treatment of endocervitis


Diagnosis and treatment of endocervitis

Diagnosis and treatment of endocervitis


Patients complain of leucorrhea of ​​a mucopurulent nature, sometimes dull pains of slight intensity in the lower abdomen. Objectively observed hyperemia and swelling of the mucous membrane of the cervix, more pronounced in the acute stage and less - in the chronic. When viewed in mirrors and colposcopy, hyperemia around the cervical canal, slight protrusion due to swelling of the mucous membrane, sometimes erosion due to desquamation and desquamation of the epithelium, abundant purulent or mucopurulent discharge are clearly visible.

In the chronic stage, pseudo-erosion is more often determined, the discharge from the canal is cloudy, mucous. The cervix is ​​usually thickened and hardened. With colposcopy, diffuse hyperemia, the presence of vascular loops, swelling around the cervical canal, and the presence of pseudo-erosions are determined.


For a complete diagnosis, in addition to the characteristic clinical manifestations, it is necessary to establish the causative agent of the process. For this, bacteriological, bacterioscopic, serological and other available methods are used.


Treatment of endocervicitis includes etiotropic therapy, taking into account the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibacterial drugs. In the acute stage, local procedures are contraindicated due to the risk of infection of the overlying organs of the genital tract. After the subsidence of acute phenomena, physiotherapeutic procedures can be applied - local treatment in accordance with the characteristics of the etiology of endocervicitis.

If conservative treatment fails, diathermocoagulation, cryodestruction, laser therapy can be used in parallel treatment of pseudo-erosions. At the same time, it is necessary to treat concomitant genital and extragenital diseases.

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