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Treatment of tubal infertility


Treatment of tubal infertility

Treatment of tubal infertility

Possible causes of tubal infertility:

- uterine fibroids;

- Endometriosis;

- Venereal diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.);

- Abortions;

- Chronic inflammation in the fallopian tubes;

Operations that were performed on the pelvic organs.

Tubal infertility has no characteristic manifestations. For the diagnosis of tubal infertility, various methods of blowing and washing the tubes and hysterosalpingography are used.

Treatment of tubal infertility should be comprehensive, aimed at restoring the reproductive system.
The process of treatment of tubal infertility takes place in several stages:

- Relief of the inflammatory process;

- Treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes;

- Correction of dysfunction of the fallopian tubes;

- Activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system.

Tubal infertility can be characterized by complete or partial obstruction of the fallopian tubes. With complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes, the method of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is used. With partial obstruction, the treatment of tubal infertility is carried out by the method of a simple surgical intervention - laparoscopy.

Methods for the treatment of tubal infertility through surgical plastics of the tubules using the thinnest absorbable atraumatic suture materials, performed laparoscopically under high magnification (10-20 times) are very effective. The laparoscopy method allows you to achieve good results and get rid of tubal infertility. Treatment of tubal infertility by laparoscopic surgery consists in puncturing the abdominal wall and examining the internal organs with special optical devices. After treatment of tubal infertility, the patient can be discharged within a day.

The recovery period after surgical treatment of tubal infertility requires special therapy and the use of hormonal drugs to restore the frequency of the menstrual cycle.

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