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Endometrial polyps


Endometrial polyps

Endometrial polyps

Endometrial polyposis is an intrauterine pathology characterized by local growth of the inner membrane with the formation of growths on it, which are called polyps. In order to avoid dangerous complications, it is very important to diagnose the pathology in a timely manner and undergo a course of treatment.

A polyp is a benign formation that has a rounded shape and sizes from 2 mm to several centimeters. With the help of a leg, the body of the polyp is attached to the base located under the surface of the mucous membrane. Polyps are overgrown endometrium and, like the mucous membrane of the uterus, consist of glands and connective tissue. Depending on the predominance of one of these elements, there are:

- Glandular polyps of the endometrium, which consist of stromal cells and glands. Most often detected in women of reproductive age.

- Fibrous polyps of the endometrium, which consist mainly of connective tissue, glands, on the contrary, are very few. This type of polyps is rarely detected, as a rule, in postmenopausal women.

- Glandular fibrous polyps of the endometrium, respectively, consist of glands and connective tissue. May appear at any age.

- Adenomatous polyps of the endometrium consist of glandular tissue, in which signs of structural changes are found. This type of polyp has a high probability of malignancy. It usually occurs in postmenopausal patients.

Symptoms of an endometrial polyp in the uterus

Pathology is characterized by:

- Violation of the menstrual cycle by the type of hypermenorrhea

- Intermenstrual bleeding

- Uterine bleeding in the postmenopausal period

- Dyspareunia

- Pain when urinating

- Infertility

- Cramping pain in the lower abdomen

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