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Gallbladder stone. Diagnostics. Treatment


Gallbladder stone. Diagnostics. Treatment

Gallbladder stone. Diagnostics. Treatment


The main cause of stone formation in the gallbladder and ducts is an increased concentration of bile. When it is oversaturated with cholesterol, large yellowish-white calculi are formed. If there is an inflammatory process in the biliary tract, as well as with hemolysis and cirrhosis of the liver, pigmented brown or black stones are formed.

The following factors contribute to the development of gallstone disease:

genetic predisposition;

high-calorie food with excessive consumption of fatty foods and simple carbohydrates;

sedentary lifestyle;


taking hormonal contraceptives;


fast weight loss, low-calorie diet;


alcohol abuse;

Pathology may not have clinical manifestations for a long time. Symptoms of gallstone disease appear with inflammation or obstruction in the biliary tract, when stones from the gallbladder cavity move into its neck or ducts and clog them. This process may be accompanied by an attack of biliary colic, symptoms of acute calculous cholecystitis, as well as chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis, biliary pancreatitis.

With an established gallstone disease, the patient must be prescribed a diet, and he is also recommended to correct his lifestyle and reduce weight. Meals should be frequent and small portions, with the exception of fried and fatty, every 3-4 hours, balanced, contain proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber.

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