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Treatment of benign soft tissue formation


Treatment of benign soft tissue formation

Treatment of benign soft tissue formation

Common benign tumors are lipomas, fibromas, angiolipomas, benign fibrous histiocytomas, neurofibromas, schwannomas, hemangiomas, tendon cell tumors, myxomas. Benign soft tissue lesions rarely metastasize, but are often large and deep. However, some formations behave very aggressively. Diagnosed invasion of nearby tissues increases the chance of incomplete removal and the possibility that the tumor will return.

In adults, the most common benign soft tissue tumor is the lipoma. Children have a Baker's cyst. Most often, both in adults and in children, lipoma and hemangioma are observed.


Benign skin tumors, tumor-like proliferations of skin tissues develop in most cases painlessly in the form of single or multiple nodes or growths. More often they are localized in the upper limbs, on the trunk, face. In most cases, neoplasms are covered with skin with a normal color, less often - pink. There are formations with different colors from yellowish-brown to black-blue.

The most common symptom is an unexpectedly palpable tumor, in second place are various kinds of pain that precede the appearance of a tumor, and in third place is the appearance of a painful tumor.

Pain sensations, as a rule, are moderate and intermittent, they do not have the same intensity as with primary bone tumors, and most often appear during functional loads or palpation of the tumor. When the tumor grows into the bone, the pain becomes permanent, and when localized in the area of ​​​​large nerve trunks, a picture of neuritis or plexitis may develop.

Types of benign neoplasms:

Fibroma - comes from fibrous connective tissue and can be found everywhere. They grow extremely slowly, are clearly limited from the surrounding tissues, and are mobile.

Lipoma - formed from adipose tissue. Most often located in the subcutaneous tissue, but can be found in any part of the body where there is adipose tissue.

Fibroids - develops from muscle tissue and can be localized in any part of the body where there is muscle tissue. It grows slowly, has a densely elastic consistency, is mobile, delimited from surrounding tissues, painless.

Hemangioma - a tumor originating from the blood vessels. It is noted most often in childhood. Pain, as a rule, indicates a far advanced pathological process that affects the deep muscle tissues and nerves of the extremities.

Neurofibroma - develops from the sheaths of the nerves. Seen at any age. Most often localized in the region of the intercostal and sciatic nerves.

Diagnosis and treatment

The Gatling Med multidisciplinary clinic in Tashkent provides the main methods for diagnosing benign soft tissue neoplasms: biopsy, physical examination, ultrasound diagnostics. Most benign neoplasms are subject to surgical treatment and amputation. The main indications for surgery are an increase in the size of the neoplasm, chronic trauma, and a high risk of malignancy.

The main methods of treatment: surgical removal, liposuction, steroids, laser removal, cryotherapy. A combination of methods may be used. Healing takes about two weeks, depending on the location and damage to other tissues.

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