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Surgical treatment of hernia of the white line


Surgical treatment of hernia of the white line

Surgical treatment of hernia of the white line

The white line of the abdomen is the interlacing of the connective fibers of the tendons of the broad abdominal muscles. This line runs in the middle of a person's abdomen.
Small natural slit-like spaces in this area are considered normal. Vessels and nerve fibers pass through them, connecting the subcutaneous adipose tissue with the preperitoneal tissue. If conditions develop in a certain way, hernias come out precisely through these aponeurotic intervals. The most typical place of localization of this disease is the upper part of the white line (in this case, the hernia is called epigastric), on its lower part, the hernia occurs less often - paraumbilical (paraumbilical) and hypogastric.

Symptoms of a hernia of the white line
- a bulge located in the midline of the abdomen (more often observed in the upper part). May be painful
- pain in the abdomen, manifested with sudden movements, physical activity and straining. They are associated with pinching of the nerves of adipose tissue;
- diastasis (muscle divergence) in the midline;
- loss of appetite, constipation, vomiting, nausea.

In some cases, a person may not show any symptoms, except for the characteristic protrusion (reducible or irreducible), which increases with tension of the abdominal muscles. Usually, the diagnosis of a hernia of the white line is not difficult. The exception is patients with a significant layer of subcutaneous fat.

Often, hernia of the white line has to be differentiated with appendicitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, cholecystitis, peptic duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer. To exclude these diseases, an examination of the gastrointestinal tract and laboratory tests are carried out.

Treatment of hernia of the white line
- There are no conservative methods for getting rid of this problem. A hernia of the white line can only be cured by surgery.
- Operations are prescribed by the surgeon in a planned manner: examination, diagnosis, examination, hospitalization.

Prevention of white line hernia:
- competent technique of lifting weights, avoiding lifting too much weight;
- training of the abdominal muscles;
- normalization of body weight;
- proper nutrition;
- a bandage in the last trimester of pregnancy.

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