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Professional methods of treating proctitis


Professional methods of treating proctitis

Professional methods of treating proctitis

Proctitis is an inflammation of the rectal mucosa. The disease begins with reddening of the mucosal area, and in the absence of timely medical assistance, it can be complicated by the appearance of ulcers and deep damage to the rectal tissues.
The risks of developing proctitis increase after radiation therapy for certain types of malignant diseases, as well as with improper diet, chronic constipation. Stagnation of blood in the small pelvis, rectal veins can be a predisposing factor. This is observed with weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, hemorrhoids, a sedentary lifestyle, or long bed rest.

Symptoms of rectal proctitis can occur with manifestations of general intoxication and poor general health:
- a feeling of pressure and distention in the anus;
- sensation of a foreign body in the rectum;
- itching in the anus;
- pain in the anus, left side, perineum, lower back;
- Difficulty with bowel movements, including a feeling of incomplete emptying;
- atypical discharge from the anus;

For the treatment of chronic proctitis (colitis), medications and dietary remedies are used for constipation.
Treatment for acute and subacute proctitis depends on the nature of the infection. Appropriate antimicrobials are prescribed. Warm sitz baths or perineal showers with disinfectants are helpful.
Uncomplicated proctitis is treated conservatively. Anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, tonic and metabolic stimulants are prescribed. Antibiotics are used to eliminate the infection.
With proctitis, the intestinal flora suffers - dysbiosis develops. This is also facilitated by taking antibiotics. Therefore, probiotics are necessarily involved in the treatment of proctitis - drugs that restore the intestinal microflora, which must be selected individually for each patient.

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